Pick Up

Andrew, the A in kpAcs2020, has been in Alaska all week on business with a weekend of pleasure thrown in there at Denali National Park and Preserve. I’m picking him up at DFW at 5:04 AM so I’m sitting her blogging 15 minutes early.

It’s sobering to have children who are old enough to go on business trips and learning to read at the same time – not the same child. I worry that Andrew will not successfully navigate the business travel world and, although I know he’ll be inevitably taken advantage of by hotel rate structures and airline fee structures, he’ll learn from the experiences and be wiser for it and grow into a world traveler. I worry that Sarah, the S in kpacS2020, and 5 years old, will never learn that “at” makes the “at” sound and when you add “c” you get “c-at, cat” or “m” you get “m-mat, mat”. (She’s a little more advanced but you get my drift.) Just like with potty training, my anxiety-ridden, bipolar self worries she won’t get it and she’ll never learn to read and will be illiterate for ever! (My therapist calls that “catastrophizing” – not good.)

Just like with Sarah, I worry that Andrew, even though he’s got this first trip under his belt, will never learn to manage to take care of himself on the road and will always need his dad just like he need me in Singapore and Shanghai back when he was in 2nd and 3rd grade.

Andrew and Sarah will grow up; I will become less relevant as a teacher and more relevant as a sage old man providing yoda-like wisdom, I hope.

What about Colin? Currently, he is safe and sound in his college, retail, writing cocoon and I’m not worried about him. I read his writing and I worry about his characters’ lives sometimes (and Colin’s imagination :-)) but Colin is worry-free like a good child should be. Thank you, Colin!


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