Father/Son Time

(Pictured: front to back, my brother, Chuck; my father, James; and, me, Philip)

Today I went to prayer breakfast with my dad (we go the first Saturday of every month). We’ve been doing it for years now, I don’t know when we started it. It’s at his church. I’m Catholic, he’s non-denominational (mostly Baptist) and occasionally I have to tolerate an anti-Catholic comment but I don’t go to defend my position or convert anybody, I go to spend time with my dad. The older we both get the closer I realize either one of us are to our own mortality. There are only a finite number of prayer breakfasts left. Rather than making me sad, that makes me cherish today and each Saturday.

Today, after the prayer breakfast, my dad came over and helped me with a hobby he got me into when I was in high school – I’ve posted about it, ham radio. I bought an item that wouldn’t work with an older radio I bought to save a few bucks. My dad was a ham when he was in high school, I was a ham when I was in high school and today he figured out how to make a 21st century digital controller work with a 1980’s analog radio so I wouldn’t ruin any “brownie points” I earned going to a prayer breakfast for cursing and swearing when I threw the whole system across the room. He’s an electrical engineer hero and my dad!


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