PHIL is the P in KPACS. I run this page and am responsible for any misinformation that results. I’m a 51 year old newly initiated blogger with a background in semiconductor, manufacturing, construction, and software project scheduling using Primavera P6 mostly but also Microsoft Project. I am a ham radio operator with a General-class License (KA5GKL) and interested in HF communications and emergency communications.

I am a former reserve deputy sheriff for Denton County, Texas and Shelby County, Alabama. Former because in 2006, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and due to suicidal ideations, I resigned and got rid of all my guns of my own volition. I’m not against other, responsible, non-felons, having guns but there really ought to be an amendment to the constitution that says people with serious mental illnesses (adjudicated by a court) should not possess firearms for their own safety. (That sounds like a blog post later). I talk openly about my mental illness and believe that the only way to address the “stigma” it still carries is to openly discuss it.