CAMBER is the C in KPACS2020-C, our 10+ year old tan, female chihuahua. She doesn’t blog much, mostly lies around in her laundry basket blanket filled bed and jumps up from that and runs to jump into our king-sized bed and lies around. She’s on a strict diet of dog food and all the table scraps we offer, especially (not scraps but good pieces of) ribeye when I’m eating it. She likes to sniff her food and “inspect” it, but with ribeye or brisket, there’s is no such inspection.

Camber loves to sit in the front room window and bark at the neighbors and mailman as they walk or ride their bikes by. She likes to bark at everything! But her bark is worse than her bite; she loves everyone.

There is a neighbor, anonymously, on the “NextDoor” website who complains that we tether Camber (we don’t have a backyard fence) when she wants to go outside and says it’s “cruel”. Camber spends (I’ve actually calculated it) 91% of her time inside in 70F average dry weather and is never outside when it is above 95 or lower than 55 or rainy. Of that 91% of the time she is mostly lying in her bed cocoon or sitting in someone’s lap getting her belly rubbed or head scratched. Occasionally, when I check the mail, when she wishes, she runs past me and gets her exercise running the neighborhood which she does for 3-4 minutes before she’s back at the back door ready to resume her 91% of the time. I DON’T THINK SHE MINDS THE TETHER where she simply lies in the sun which Mexican dogs from the state of Chihuahua are want to do.